New export video showcases UK food production to the world

New export video showcases UK food production to the world

A new video from AHDB which showcases British farming has debuted at a huge international food exhibition in China, with the eyes of the world on quality products to supply the massive Chinese market.

The video from AHDB aims to showcase British Farming.

SIAL China 2020 is one of the first large-scale food exhibitions to take place since lockdown and is supposedly the most important show in China for the meat sectors.

To coincide with this, AHDB has launched a new export video, showcasing high-quality British produce, tailored for the Chinese market, with the aim of further stimulating demand for British meat products.

The video is the first element of a suite of digital content being launched globally by AHDB in a bid to develop British farm produce exports.

The levy-funded promo, which will be shown on the British meat stand at the event in Shanghai, has taken more than a year to produce with several different iterations edited to suit specific markets, like China, Japan and the Middle East.

Jonathan Eckley, head of Asia Pacific Export at AHDB, said: “This video is all about positioning British agriculture as a producer of high-quality, premium products. It highlights our beautiful landscapes, environment, sustainability, heritage, integrity, traceability and high welfare standards.

“We should rightly be proud of our produce in Britain and this video will be used at international food shows to shine the spotlight on what we do and how we do it.

“The focus for this is in markets where English is not widely spoken, so it is a deliberately visual film which we are tailoring for specific markets.

“The key message is that we care about the food we produce because we care about the people who eat it.”

About the project

The project, produced by AHDB’s in-house digital and creative team, has seen a number of departments collaborating, led by our export and digital teams. Location filming took place across the country, from the Lake District, all the way down to the South Coast.

Interior shots were filmed at Birmingham, Coventry, and Oxfordshire

After its premier, the film will be distributed in China via Weibo and We Chat, the equivalents to social media channels like Facebook and Twitter that we are familiar with.

AHDB will share a stand at SIAL with Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and Meat Promotion Wales (HCC). The joint presence is financed by the Ring-fenced Fund (RFF), a £3.3 million levy fund, collected by AHDB and used jointly with QMS and HCC to support the red meat sector.

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