New processing and packaging guide to support export opportunities

New processing and packaging guide to support export opportunities

EBLEX has produced a new offal and variety meats processing and packaging guide for English processors in a drive to encourage processors to extract greater value from the whole carcase and reduce waste.

Jean-Pierre Garnier, EBLEX

EBLEX’s Garnier said the guide will provide the information necessary to ensure optimum quality.

The guide will outline the recognised standard processing and packaging specifications for all of the non-carcase meat products that there is a market for, predominantly within foreign markets and especially within Africa and the Far East.

There has been a significant shift in the beef and sheep co-products exported and in 2014 the UK exported 47,000 tonnes of offal, a rise of 28 per cent from 2013, which contributed £67 million to the UK economy.

EBLEX export manager, Jean-Pierre Garnier, said: “The guide provides the information for processers and exporters to ensure the optimum quality is achieved when harvesting, chilling and packing offal and variety meats for the export market.”

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