NFMFT rejects claims that consumer confidence in meat industry is low

NFMFT rejects claims that consumer confidence in meat industry is low

The National Federation of Meat and Food Traders has objected to remarks by Jill Evans MEP claiming that “consumer confidence in the meat industry is low following the horse meat scandal.”

The comments come following Evans’s comments on the proposed changes to the rules on inspections in slaughterhouses. The NFMFT says it is generally in favour of the proposals to amend EU meat inspection procedures. Richard Stevenson of the NFMFT said: “We would hope that the modernisation of inspection will release more resources so that officials can look at real problems such as the growth in illegal slaughter, whihc is such an enormous threat to human and animal health.”

Responding to the NFMFT Evans sent a statement saying: “Thank you for the information. I am disappointed with this response as I have campaigned for buying locally for many years and always worked closely with the agricultural and food sectors. Surveys show that consumer confidence is low in the meat industry as it is in the food industry generally, but I agree that this is not the case with local butchers. People do not generally think of the local butcher as part of the meat industry and our concern about this measure is not about the local butcher.

“Together with four of my colleagues on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, I opposed the adoption of the Regulations because we believe the Commission has gone beyond its implementing powers. We want these issues fully debated by the European Parliament before any specific measures are taken. We are concerned, too, that of the three measures recommended by EFSA, only one was being implemented.

“We also heard very powerful evidence of the affect these measures would have on large abattoirs.”

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