Norman Bagley to retire and ‘spend more time with golf clubs’

Norman Bagley to retire and ‘spend more time with golf clubs’

After nearly 25 years of what has been described as visionary leadership, Norman Bagley, the stalwart founder and driving force behind the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS), is stepping back from his day-to-day role.

Since its inception in 2001, AIMS has grown to become a highly-regarded, leading trade body representing the red and white meat sector and food service across the British Isles. This journey has been steered by Bagley’s expertise, unwavering dedication, and a passion for excellence that has helped set the highest standards in the industry.

A past winner of the prestigious Meat Management Excellence Award, Norman Bagley is a name synonymous with the meat industry. His robust views and deep understanding of the sector have earned him widespread respect and admiration. He has been one of the industry’s most prominent figures, advocating tirelessly for the interests of PLCs and independent meat suppliers.

Under his guidance, AIMS has achieved various significant milestones, ensuring that the voices of small and medium enterprises are heard, alongside those of large processing businesses and at the same time also ensuring that standards across the industry are upheld.

A spokesperson for AIMS commented: “As Norman transitions to focus more on his love for golf, his legacy within AIMS and the wider meat industry remains indelible. However, his departure from an active role does not mean a complete absence. Norman will continue to be a ready source of contacts, knowledge, guidance, and support for the new leadership. Norman will continue to be as accessible to individual members as he always has been.

“With Norman’s shift in focus, AIMS is excited to announce the creation of a new role: Executive Director. This position is a unique opportunity for a dynamic and dedicated individual to build upon the solid foundation laid by Norman. The ideal candidate will bring fresh perspectives while maintaining the high standards and collaborative spirit for which AIMS is known.

“The Executive Director will have big shoes to fill but will also have the privilege of continuing a proud legacy of leadership and innovation.”

AIMS is now inviting applications from qualified individuals who are ‘passionate about the meat industry and eager to drive it forward in this new era’.

Expressions of interest in the new position should be sent to by 5pm Wednesday 31st July.

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