NPA and pork processors request support

NPA and pork processors request support

In a recent report The Financial Times revealed that the pig sector has requested two support packages from Defra.

The first follows the significant cost of lost exports to China from those plants which experienced Covid-19 outbreaks. Processors are reported to be looking for up to £15 million in government support.

The second part is a request from the National Pig Association (NPA) for £3.2million to help producers with the costs caused by the backlog of pigs being held on farms due to Covid-19 and Brexit delays at ports.

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies told the first meeting of the NPA’s new Pig Industry Group (PIG): “The entire UK pig sector has been hit by this situation and, given that compensation has been paid to other sectors, such as dairy, we believe we have a very justifiable case.”

The British Meat Processors Association chief executive, Nick Allen, told The Financial Times: “Margins in the meat industry are very tight at the best of times. So finding markets for these things like pigs’ heads is absolutely critical.”

Defra told the FT: “Although there are a small number of businesses that cannot currently export pork products to China, this issue is not unique to the UK. We recognise the challenges the sector is facing and are closely monitoring the situation.”

The full Financial Times piece can be read here.

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