NPA launches social media campaign to highlight retailers’ support

NPA launches social media campaign to highlight retailers’ support

The National Pig Association (NPA) has launched a campaign to spotlight what supermarkets are doing to support British pork producers during the ongoing backlogs.

NPA’s Pork Report aims to highlight “the good examples where retailers are doing their best to back British producers in their sourcing, promotion, labelling and display of British pork products.” The association added that it was keen to underline where retailers could be doing more to get British pork in front of customers.

Members are being asked to take a picture of the pork on the shelves at their local supermarkets when visiting. The purpose of the exercise is to analyse how many of their British products are “clearly labelled and prominently displayed.” NPA is also asking members to note the amount of imported meat, including bone-in products, as well as how clearly the imported meat is labelled.

NPA said: “Of course, we understand that retailers will need to import some pork products, but we want to see as much British pork products on supermarket shelves as possible.

“And what we particularly want to avoid are products that have been imported and butchered here, so look for anything imported that is bone-in – we need all the butchery resource we have got for British products at the moment!”

Information on how to share reports with the campaign can be found on the NPA’s website.

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