Opportunity to taste test meat products at Harper Adams

Opportunity to taste test meat products at Harper Adams

Harper Adams is hoping that people in the midlands will take up an exciting new opportunity to taste test meat products, and be paid for their troubles!

Shropshire’s first university is recruiting sensory panel members from the local area to take part in controlled taste tests on behalf of clients. The products will be meat-based.

There is an initial one-hour unpaid test at Harper Adams to establish whether candidates are suitable for this type of work. Those suitable that demonstrate the required sensory skills will be asked to attend initial training sessions of three hours per week for six weeks, starting next month. Panel members will then be contacted to attend client taste testing when required.

Head of Department of Food Science and Agri-Food Supply Chain Management, Professor Ralph Early, said: “After training has taken place, panel members will be registered as part of our long-term sensory panel.

“This will involve tasting meat products, initially pork, and then explaining the quality descriptors of the samples, such as texture, odour and taste.

“We already have a project waiting to test pork products so it is crucial that we get people on board as soon as possible.”

Each panel member will be paid £180 for taking part in the training, followed by an hourly rate for each taste test attended.

All interested candidates must complete a short health status questionnaire and detail specific likes, dislikes and allergies.

To find out more contact Shaun Taylor at Harper Adams – smtaylor@harper-adams.ac.uk Tel: 01952 815037.

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