Outlook for global pork production is mixed as exports decline

Outlook for global pork production is mixed as exports decline

The latest forecast for global pork production is a mixed one, driven primarily by level volumes and reduced exports.

Analysis by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), based on data collected by the United States Department of Agriculture, has found that global pork production remains flat on volumes seen in 2022, at 114.33 million metric tonnes. This is driven by production declines in the EU, UK and Canada offsetting production gains in Vietnam, Russia, Brazil and China.

AHDB said that it expects total export volumes in 2023 to decline by 3%, reaching 10.58 million metric tonnes. Reduced exports from the EU, UK, Canada and Mexico outweigh the growth forecast to be made by Brazil, China and the US.

Exports from China are forecast to grow by 24,000 metric tonnes as border restrictions in Hong Kong and Japan are lifted. AHDB also anticipate the US and Brazil to see increased volumes shipped to Southeast Asia and South America.

High input costs and herd contraction have negatively impacted production volumes.

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