Pig producers meetings to be hosted by AHDB Pork

Pig producers meetings to be hosted by AHDB Pork

A series of regional meetings for pig producers, which will focus on practical ways to manage input costs, are being run by AHDB Pork during March.

The pig industry is currently facing a tough period with rock bottom prices. The meetings are aimed to help producers re-evaluate their units and get ideas on simple changes that could strengthen their business through the coming months.

Lead knowledge transfer manager, Steve Winfield, said: “The meetings are an opportunity to hear from key industry figures and producers, ask questions and work through some ‘what if’ calculations to help decide how to influence cost of production.

According to AHDB Pork, practical steps could be related to gilt and sow management, reducing feed or energy use or looking at slaughter weights, as discussed in the recent AHDB Pork ‘Getting Through Tough Times’ webinar, with Ciarán Carroll of Teagasc.

There will be many other potential topics to be discussed with speakers at the meetings.

BPEX PIgThe dates, locations and speakers of the regional meetings are:

  • 3rd March – Weedon, Daventry – Nick White and Richard Bull
  • 15th March – Diss, Norfolk – Stephen Hall, Richard Bull and Simon Watchorn
  • 22nd March – Exeter – Jonathan French, Richard Bull and Tim Blanchard
  • 23rd March – Hodnet, Shropshire – Nick White and Richard Bull.

Another date in the North will also be added at a later date.

For full details and to register click here.

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