Quality beef and lamb flourishes in France

Quality beef and lamb flourishes in France

EBLEX has been helping raise the profile of Quality Standard beef and lamb, from food service to family plate in France.

EBLEX's Martin Eccles puts a meat cleaver to proper use during a demonstration at the Tower of London!

EBLEX’s Martin Eccles.

The beef and lamb division of the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) showcased its innovative cuts development work at SIRHA in Lyon. SIRHA is France’s largest exhibition that specialises in food service, attracting chefs, wholesalers and food retailers. France is also a leading export destination for UK beef and lamb exports.

Martin Eccles, EBLEX trade marketing executive, gave daily butchery demonstrations during the event. He highlighted how to prepare new cuts of beef and lamb and make full use of the carcase to maximise potential export opportunities in the French market.

Hugh Judd, EBLEX foodservice project manager, cooked the various cuts for visitors to the EBLEX stand to sample. Visitors were also signposted to the French version of the EBLEX Meat Purchasing Guide, while exporters met with potential customers to discuss opportunities.

Visitors to the stand were also treated to an unexpected visit from the England Supporters Band who helped drum up some interest with an impromptu performance.

Martin said: “SIRHA has helped us raise awareness of our products to a huge professional and public audience. By highlighting how new cuts can be used in the French market, we’re trying add value to what our export team is doing and help maximise market potential for beef and lamb.”

Rémi Fourrier, EBLEX export manager in France, said: “France is a hugely significant market for UK exports of beef and lamb and SIRHA is an ideal platform to showcase our products. While it is predominantly designed for restaurateurs, chefs and butchers, we would hope that the new cuts ideas they take on board will filter through to the everyday consumer.

“If consumers discover these new ideas in restaurants, they will look for the products in the supermarkets and potentially drive up demand. Ultimately, events like SIRHA play a key role in underpinning what we do on a daily basis to raise awareness of our products to fully utilise the carcase and benefit the entire supply chain.”

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