Sales increase in UK for Spanish chorizo

Sales increase in UK for Spanish chorizo

The British market continues to be the main destination for approved chorizo from the Consorcio del Chorizo Español (Spanish Chorizo Consortium), with 607,500 kilos of Consortium-labelled Chorizo exported to the UK in the first quarter of 2021.

Spanish chorizo exports to the UK on the rise.

This number is a 28% increase on the volume sold in the first quarter of 2020, during which a total of 473,000kg of Consortium-labelled chorizo was exported.

Consumer demand for chorizo is reported to be growing in the UK, and the increase in chorizo sales under the Consortium label puts the Consortium in a very strong market position with an almost doubled export market share of 25.95%. This means that every one in four Spanish chorizos marketed in the UK is endorsed with the Consorcio del Chorizo Español seal.

The Consorcio del Chorizo Español is a voluntary association that groups companies in the Spanish meat sector, all specialists in chorizo production and export, with the aim of producing and marketing authentic, high quality Spanish chorizo. All companies associated with the consortium must comply with the quality regulations and certified procedures. 

Chorizo of the Spanish Consortium must carry garlic and paprika, differentiating this particular sausage from other origins and other sausages. It is cured outdoors or smoked. The main base is minced pork and marinated with spices such as paprika that gives it its typical red colour.

Last year, Consortium chorizo producers exceeded 2 million kilos sold with its logo (2,196,723 kg), counting for 21% of all Spanish chorizo exports to the UK. Alejandro Álvarez-Canal, director of the Consorcio del Chorizo Español, said: “We expect to once again exceed 2 million kg exported to the UK, although Brexit and the evolution of the pandemic could affect us. For now, the outlook for 2021 is to match last year’s figures.”

To meet growing demand, Consortium producers La Hoguera and Boadas have finally been able to start work this year on efforts to expand and construct new production facilities, plans that had been delayed due to the pandemic. The planned extensions will see the construction of large new surface areas, which will be used for cleanrooms and slicing machinery, to increase overall production capacity.

This year’s trade and consumer promotional campaign aims to position Spanish chorizo from the Consortium as a high quality, authentic product in the UK market. Campaign activity will include trade and retailer advertising, and recipe placement in national consumer print titles and online publications that encourage the versatility of Spanish chorizo as a product beyond its use as tapas or served with fish.

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