Sales of meat slow while fish goes against the current

Sales of meat slow while fish goes against the current

According to Kantar, fresh meat and poultry growth rates slowed down in the latest 12 weeks, with fresh primary meat growing 11.6% and fresh processed 5.8%. 

These are year-on-year comparisons now compared to the start of lockdown restrictions in March 2020.

In the latest four weeks, both fresh primary and fresh processed meat (down 4.1% and 6.6% respectively) moved into decline for the first time since January 2020 –though volume sales are still significantly ahead of pre-Covid-19 levels.

Primary lamb (up 6.1%) and pork (up 1.5%) bucked the trend and remain in growth in the most recent four weeks -due largely to good growth in roasting cuts which outweighed losses elsewhere, growing for all the primary proteins. 

Jason Nixon, consumer insight director, said: “Shoppers look to have been getting Easter-ready early this year and planning ahead to make sure that big family meal was a hit.”

Fresh burgers and grills continued to shine in meat, being the strongest growing sector, up 11.8% in the latest four weeks –with an extra 872,000 packs purchased compared with last year.

Kantar says this will be an area to watch as lockdown continues to ease and shoppers can take advantage of seeing friends outdoors in larger groups,presenting opportunities to dust off the barbecue.

Marcelina Fedczyszyn, Kantar consumer insight director, said: “We’re more likely to hold barbecues for special occasions and time together with friends and family.

“We expect that barbecues –weather permitting of course –will be a key feature of in-home consumption in the coming months, especially before restrictions are relaxed fully in restaurants and bars.”

Fresh fish, meanwhile, had a very strong four-week period, growing at 11.4%. Sliced fish was the fastest growing fish sector (up38.7%) and accounts for £4.9m more spent this year. Fillets remain the heart of the category, and make up the largest component of growth as shoppers put an extra £6.3m worth into their baskets.

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