Scottish pig industry aims to double value to £500m by 2030

Scottish pig industry aims to double value to £500m by 2030

A new strategy for the Scottish pig industry was recently launched at the Royal Highland Show, and has been developed with input from producers, processors and other stakeholders.

It identifies three key qualities which describe how Scotland’s pig sector would like to be perceived by 2030 – which is profitable, responsible and valued.

The Scottish pig industry aims to double value to £500m by 2030.

The strategy also includes an ambition for the industry to double its value to £500 million by 2030, a target in line with that set by the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership’s Ambition 2030 target to double food and drink turnover for the industry as a whole.

Fergus Ewing, cabinet secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity said: “Scotland’s pork industry is an important part of that and is taking the initiative to launch a strategy which will maximise profitability in the industry in the coming years, whilst advancing welfare for the animals through the eradication of disease and promotion of best practice.”

The strategy, which was officially launched by Ewing on the 22nd June, identifies 14 recommendations to achieve the 2030 targets, of which six are said to be a high priority.

The six are:
The formation of an industry leadership group to drive and monitor progress
The development of collaborative and efficient supply chains
Reviewing and building unique selling points for Specially Selected Pork
The use of market intelligence and prompt export certification to maximise carcase balance
Reduce the use of antibiotics and zinc oxide; advance progress on eradicating disease and enhancing welfare

Alan Clarke, chief executive of Quality Meat Scotland, added: “Scotland is only 25% self-sufficient in pig meat which presents a huge opportunity for the industry.

“Our pig industry has a great track record of adopting innovation and embracing new technology and to meet the targets set by the strategy it is important that we continue to seek out opportunities to improve efficiently to maximise profit and continue to further underpin our health and welfare credentials.”

The full strategy document can be viewed at and

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