Slaughter equipment businesses merge

Slaughter equipment businesses merge

SFK LEBLANC, formerly SFK Systems A/S, (Denmark) and NAWI BV (The Netherlands) have entered into a definitive merger agreement.

The resulting company, operating under the name SFK LEBLANC, will be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end slaughter, cutting and deboning lines for the red meat industry and logistic solutions for the food processing industry.

Stephan Toxopeus, managing director of NAWI (left) and Ib Sand Nykjaer, CEO of SFK LEBLANC.

Stephan Toxopeus, managing director of NAWI (left) and Ib Sand Nykjaer, CEO of SFK LEBLANC.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with NAWI. We have always believed that a combination with NAWI is the best strategic option for both companies. Although strong individually, the two companies are without question far more powerful and effective together”, said Ib Sand Nykjær, CEO of SFK LEBLANC.

“This is an ideal combination”, explains NAWI CEO Stephan Toxopeüs. “The merger not only brings an abundance of knowledge and experience, but also a new global status and a significant operating synergy, due to our matching product portfolio and market coverage.”

With its global headquarters in Kolding (Denmark), the merger brings together more than 500 employees worldwide.

By joining forces, both parties claim they will significantly strengthen their international position and expand their geographical coverage with new offices in key and growth markets.

The new SFK LEBLANC will be marketing two major brands: NAWI for cattle, sheep and logistic solutions, and SFK LEBLANC for pork lines and automation concepts.

“We are excited about our future and committed to fulfilling our promise to our customers: ’Getting the most out of meat.’ With our combined team, our customers have a lot to look forward to,” concluded Nykjær.

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