Snowbird pledges guarantee over casings

Snowbird pledges guarantee over casings

Snowbird foods has taken what it calls a huge step in the sausage manufacturing industry by offering UK customers a guarantee that its fully cooked and frozen sausages are in natural casings sourced from British abattoirs and processed in the UK.

The company is using the casings for its Gourmet and Gourmet Plus ranges of sausages.

The switch to British natural casings follows an earlier move in which the company had upgraded the products by exclusively purchasing pig meat from a single source and from carefully selected breeds of pig.

“Following our move to procure British pig meat from our choice of breeds we spent time and effort seeking natural casings so we could happily boast we have gone the whole hog,” said Snowbird sales director, Roy Anderson.

L-R: Snowbird's Roy Anderson and Philip Sharp.

L-R: Snowbird’s Roy Anderson and Philip Sharp.

The upgrade to natural British casings was made possible by Yorkshire company Harder Bros. which had acquired, refurbished and re-equipped a BRC approved factory especially to prepare British natural casings for the sausage industry.

Roy Anderson (left) and Philip Sharp.

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