Students encouraged to cook with lamb through online campaign

Students encouraged to cook with lamb through online campaign

Students are being encouraged to cook with lamb as part of an EBLEX campaign to get it back on their menu at meal times.

The LambSoc campaign is aimed at developing an online community of 18 to 25-year-olds, creating videos with popular YouTubers, based on EBLEX’s initial lamb keema recipe.

It will also encourage students to post videos and photos of their efforts and sharing content to spread the word. It is aiming to achieve 20,000 likes on Facebook and 500,000 video views across all channels by next April.

LambSoc is set up in the style of a society that students might join at their unions and has already attracted nearly 4,000 people to the community through online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

LAMB KEEMA - photo credit EBLEX

The campaign will start by encouraging students to use lamb mince.



Zhenya Dewfield, EBLEX digital product manager, said: “Our aim is to highlight lamb as an ‘adventurous meat’ as it is a fantastic flavour carrier for spices and other adventurous ingredients. We will target students, encouraging them to use lamb mince in the first instance and set it as part of their meal repertoire at an early stage. This will cement the idea that lamb is a fantastic flavour-carrying meat to cook with. Also, it will potentially help improve returns for producers by driving up demand for the product.

“We’re really pleased with the initial response to the campaign, which has been incredibly encouraging. Looking further ahead, the bulk of our activity is taking place in the autumn as students head back to university and begin searching for easy, adventurous meal options. We are planning to post further videos and run competitions at this time to maintain the momentum.”



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