Are meat eaters being ‘shamed’?

Are meat eaters being ‘shamed’?

According to stories carried in a number of newspapers, including The Sun and The Express, meat eaters are being ‘shamed’ for their dietary sources including bacon, sausages and burgers.

The reports indicated that a campaign called ‘Your Plate, Your Choice’ has apparently conducted a study of 2,000 adults and found that 25% who were meat eaters reported facing criticism for their eating choices.

Ex-England rugby star, James Haskell was reported as backing the campaign, saying: “I have no issue with those who choose to become meat-free but shaming those of us who don’t want to is simply wrong.

“There is a lot of nonsense written about meat which I think is really dangerous.

“People shouldn’t be cutting out perfectly healthy elements of their diet altogether based on inaccurate or confusing information.”

Celebrity nutritionist, Nichola Ludlam-Raine, comments in several daily newspapers: “Meat is often unfairly demonised – the truth is you can absolutely eat meat and lead a healthy lifestyle.

“What matters isn’t what you do and don’t eat, but how much and how often you eat certain foods.

“For anyone looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle this year, my recommendation is to maintain a varied and balanced diet – and to not ditch certain food groups – to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving vital nutrient intakes, and not missing out on health benefits.”

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