Swedish supermarket giant to stock Welsh Lamb

Swedish supermarket giant to stock Welsh Lamb

Europe’s largest supermarket is to introduce a range of Welsh Lamb products to its customers in Sweden.

The new supermarket, located on the Swedish border, will open its doors in April and the lamb stocked on the shelves will be nothing but Welsh.

This will be the first launch of PGI Welsh Lamb products in Swedish supermarkets.

An order was placed following a trade mission to Wales for Swedish importer Farskvaruhuset, arranged by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC).

In excess of 150 tonnes of Welsh Lamb per year is expected to be supplied to this supermarket alone. This will comprise of retail and vacuum packed chilled products as well as 1,000 whole carcases every 6-8 weeks to suffice the demand of Norwegians across the border.

“We are thrilled with the outcome of recent meetings and events organised by HCC,” said Laura Dodds, HCC’s market development manager. “An event in Stockholm led to a trade mission to Wales and follow-up meeting in Gothenburg, resulting in new sales of Welsh Lamb amounting to 300 tonnes per year”.

Another deal was also secured with Farskvaruhuset who placed an initial order of 4-6 tonnes per month of retail packed Welsh Lamb products for another Swedish supermarket chain with up to 400 stores.

“Scandinavia opened its borders to Welsh red meat as a result of the PGI credentials,” according to Laura Dodds. “It is important that our strong relationship with these countries is maintained so that we can continue to work with Farskvaruhuset to introduce the distinctive flavour and excellent quality of Welsh Lamb to other Swedish supermarket chains.”

PGI status serves as a guarantee of authenticity, provenance and quality. It also means that only sheep and cattle born and raised in Wales and slaughtered in approved abattoirs can legally be described as Welsh Lamb or Welsh Beef.

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