Tesco to stock new burger using ‘noodling’ technique

Tesco to stock new burger using ‘noodling’ technique

Premium butchery brand, Simon Howie, has used a ‘noodling’ technique to create its new steak burgers, which will launch within the multiple retail market this month.

Simon Howie's new steak burger.

The new Steak Burger.

Retaining the original recipe, the burgers are made as minced steak is layered into honeycombed strands, with each burger then being cut from a cross section.

Chairman, Simon Howie, said: “As part of our ongoing product development, we identified and trialled a ‘noodling’ technique which results in a more succulent burger with an open and supremely tender texture.”

Tesco will be the first multiple retailer to stock the Simon Howie Steak Burger, which will go on sale in 51 stores across Scotland in mid-April.

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