Versatile solutions for small sausage production

Versatile solutions for small sausage production


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Reiser UK’s field sales manager Ed Hewitt spoke to Meat Management about how its range of compact and flexible machinery is meeting the needs of small to medium sausage producers.

The sausage market has evolved in recent years, with today’s customer expecting the highest quality product. Ed explained: “The bar [on quality] has been constantly raised in recent years; and I think that trend has come from the work of smaller producers, who have always been able to offer customers a quality product.

“Our range of machines provides small sausage producers with many benefits to help them deliver a high-end product. Across our range, it’s all about de-skilling. These machines are designed to be simple to operate, so there’s no need to use a highly skilled butcher, who could be utilised elsewhere in the business. ”

Cutting, grinding and mixing

Reiser UK’s range of Seydelmann bowl cutters, grinders and mixers offer producers more flexibility when it comes to preparation. The compact machines are multi-functional and designed to fit into small footprints.

“The bowl cutter, in particular, has a lot of functionality with high levels of control,” said Ed. “With one machine, producers can perform a variety of tasks, which includes reducing the size of the meat block and mixing ingredients without further breaking down the product.”

He added: “Bowl cutters add a lot of flexibility to businesses, and certainly the smaller producers that we work with have felt their benefit. With a standard mixer, yield loss can be a common issue and for a small producer it is really important to avoid this. With Seydelmann bowl cutters, you get a very high yield.”

Reiser also offers a range of Holac dicers that can be used to size reduce materials, if grinding isn’t the preferred option. Ed explained: “Many products today have more than just meat in them. There are a variety of inclusions in these products; and so dicers are there to provide a gentler way of reducing product size before it is added to the sausage mix.”

Vemag HP1 DHV937 Filling Table

Stuffing and filling

According to Ed, making the product is all about Vemag. A mainstay of the line, the Vemag 500 is a strong performance machine that readily accepts several attachments to provide customised solutions. It utilises the unique double-screw feed system to gently transport and precisely portion product. It’s also able to perform in-line grinding on a small scale, bringing the technology of industrial manufacturers into the retail and catering butcher kitchen.

The HP1 Vacuum Filler is another option for small sausage production. Designed specifically for small trade processors, the HP1 and its selection of corresponding attachments provide a first step into automation, in a cost-effective way, instantly allowing a much higher output of better-quality products, for a wide product range.

Built with a split hopper, it allows producers to do small as well as larger batches. Ed added: “The double-screw technology used across all Vemag fillers provides excellent weight accuracy .”

For sausages in particular, its precise portioning and linking, durable feeding system and ability to work with all common semi-automatic clipping machines, along with hygienic design, makes it a necessity for compact operations, such as craft and retail butchers.

First-rate customer care

Reiser’s commitment to its customers is not only about providing market-leading machinery, but also about delivering first-rate customer service. Help is at hand with Reiser’s telephone and onsite engineering support, application specialists and huge inventory of spare parts.

Reiser’s team of industry experts are located across the length and breadth of the UK, ensuring that customers from every region are afforded the same, high-quality care.

A full list of Reiser’s machinery and services can be found here.

Reiser UK can be contacted via the channels listed below:

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