William Reed confirm Food Manufacture print magazine to close

William Reed confirm Food Manufacture print magazine to close

Food Manufacture magazine, published by William Reed, is to cease circulation as a stand-alone print edition. Meat Management understands that the final issue is scheduled for the February / March period.

Reed says that special editions of Food Manufacture will be available through its Grocer magazine. Reed also confirms that the title will still offer a website. 

Graham Yandell, the publisher of Meat Management magazine commented: “Unfortunately this comes as no surprise to us at Meat Management. The publication had visibly reduced paging over quite a period, even before the Covid problems of last year and this news also follows the closure of Meat Trades Journal back in 2018. At that time Reed said that meat industry content would continue via its Food Manufacture publication which was given a new look. However that print title is now closing too.

“Nevertheless it is still a sad day when a long established, stand-alone magazine is closed.”

“Food Manufacture has traditionally covered both the food and drink sectors with one title. To then take on comprehensive and meaningful additional meat industry coverage seemed a big ask to us, and I suspect readers and advertisers took the same view. It is highly unlikely, for example, that a drinks business would be particularly interested in say meat processing or wholesaling.

“Know your target market is the simple message and then create excellent content in a publication that is applicable to the specific readership. Our monthly title Meat Management continues to only publish specifically for the meat industry with relevant content, and also offers a full portfolio of successful media platforms for the sector.

“Nevertheless it is still a sad day when a long established, stand-alone magazine is closed. William Reed now appear to be doing what it said it would do with Meat Trades Journal by incorporating Food Manufacture within the Grocer. Looks to me like a similar path and a similar story.”

Sales manager for Meat Management and its sister title Food Management Today, Michelle Ingerfield, added: “It’s interesting that over recent weeks I have seen a rise in our incoming advertising enquiries for Food Management Today as well as Meat Management. We are very able to help advertisers by providing targeted and highly relevant quality magazines. For us it remains a very exciting time despite the Covid problems, and the meat and food sectors still have much to offer and to report on.”

To contact Michelle email michelle.i@yandellmediagroup.com.

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