£600,000 for ewe nutrition research

£600,000 for ewe nutrition research

EBLEX is investing more than £600,000 in research and development projects to improve ewe nutrition.

Re-evaluating and validating nutrient and trace element requirements, seeking viable home grown protein sources and the effects of nutrition on disease are among the projects involved. Specifically, EBLEX and partner organisations will investigate areas including mastitis in ewes, the financial benefits of maintaining ewes at target body condition through the year and determining the metabolisable protein (MP) requirement of prolific ewes during late pregnancy and into lactation.

Dylan Laws, EBLEX beef and sheep scientist, said: “R&D is a key part of our work in helping improve the efficiency and sustainability of the industry.

“Offering the right amount and type of feed at key times is critical for ewe health and performance, as nutritional deficiencies compromise aspects such as fertility and lamb survival and growth rate.  Feed is also the biggest variable cost on a sheep enterprise and is an area where even small changes can make a significant difference to physical and financial performance.

“Our research is aimed at addressing nutritional issues in the sector, with a view to delivering practical advice to help producers improve ewe and lamb performance.”

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