AHDB and FSA join forces to help meat industry

AHDB and FSA join forces to help meat industry

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is consulting on a new system of data collection and meat hygiene inspectors to help the meat industry deliver better health and animal welfare.

FSA programme lead Ramon Romero.

FSA programme lead Ramon Romero.

The overhaul of the Collection and Communication of Inspection Results (CCIR) system is being overseen by both the FSA and AHDB.

The FSA and ADHB are working with representatives from the meat industry to review the data collected by meat hygiene inspectors at post-mortem inspection. These representatives include producers, processors and other Government departments.

Ramon Romero, the FSA programme lead, said: “The FSA and ADHB recognise the paramount importance of the health of the UK national herd. A healthy national herd is good for the consumer and also helps drive UK exports.

“The current system has been effective in protecting consumers, but we know it can be more efficient, particularly around how the inspection results are shared, so problems can be addressed more quickly.

“The meetings we have had with the industry have been very productive with primary producers and veterinarians being very specific about the sort of information that they require, particularly findings about parasitic conditions, pneumonias and other conditions that affect the health and welfare of their animals.

“Following meetings with the meat industry stakeholders the FSA has agreed to update the list of post-mortem rejection conditions, the health or welfare conditions that stop animals going into the food chain. The list is being updated to ensure each condition relates directly to the public or animal health, or animal welfare. Ultimately the use of this data should increase efficiency and sustainability in the industry.”

Emma Bailey-Beech, the Health Information and Food Safety coordinator at AHDB Pork, has been working closely with key pork processors and added: “The pig industry are approaching some key milestones for this exciting project, but we mustn’t lose sight on finding a solution for all parties.”

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