AHDB Beef and Lamb launches new thin cut beef steaks

AHDB Beef and Lamb launches new thin cut beef steaks

AHDB Beef and Lamb has developed a range of thin cut beef steaks, developed from cuts which are traditionally only used for stewing or other slow-cook methods.

AHDB Beef & Lamb - Thin Cut Steaks with chipotle pesto

AHDB Beef and Lamb’s thin cut range.

Using butchery techniques to maximise the use of the carcase, according to AHDB Beef and Lamb the new range has the potential to add value to the foodservice market, as well as providing operators and their suppliers with an opportunity to profit.

Hugh Judd, foodservice project manager for AHDB Beef and Lamb, explained: “As well as providing excellent profit potential, the thin cuts range is healthy, quick to cook and versatile enough to be used in a whole range of dishes, from steak sandwiches and wraps, to pasta dishes, fajitas and stir-fries.”

To support the launch of the thin cuts range, AHDB Beef and Lamb has created a guide, targeted towards the foodservice sector, offering suggestions on how to profit from the steaks.

The new range is being promoted under the Quality Standard Mark.

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