AHDB creates TV programme on importance and sustainability of livestock

AHDB creates TV programme on importance and sustainability of livestock

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and ITN Business have partnered to create a news-style programme called ‘Farming a Greener Future’, which will launch in November 2023.

‘Farming a Greener Future’ aims to dispel myths surrounding livestock agriculture.

The programme is intended to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of livestock and the role it has to play in keeping the population fed in a sustainable way.

Duncan Golestani of ITN’s London studio will anchor the programme, which will explore key themes such as:

  • Eliminating myths surrounding livestock agriculture
  • How livestock provides and supports nature-based solutions to nature decline and climate change, while managing to produce a nutritious, quality food source
  • Providing a growing global community with food security in order to support health.

Changing the narrative

AHDB’s divisional director of engagement Will Jackson said: “The reputation of our industry is a core priority for AHDB, and we are delighted to be able to partner with ITN to deliver a critical message about our livestock industry.

“Too often the public narrative about the impact of livestock is a negative one, while their unique ability to provide both solutions for climate change, nature decline and food security is either ignored or misunderstood.

“AHDB hopes to shed light on this and encourages anyone who would like to be part of highlighting livestock’s unique abilities to join us in this partnership.”

Nina Harrison-Bell, head of ITN Business, said: “This is a really interesting partnership for ITN Business.

“By partnering with AHDB, we hope to share the many benefits of livestock farming, such as the nutritious food for the global population, the jobs it provides and positive impacts for our planet.”

The programme will be hosted on the ITN Business content hub will be supported by a digital advertising campaign. It will also be hosted and promoted on NewScientist.com.

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