AHDB launches mini roast video series

AHDB launches mini roast video series

AHDB Beef and Lamb has launched a series of ‘mini makeover’ videos to mark the introduction of winter and mini roast point of sale (POS) kits.

The new videos show butchers how they can help to revitalise the roasting category.

Mini roast joints on display at Chadwicks.

Mini roast joints on display at Chadwicks.

The set of videos are available via AHDB Beef and Lamb’s trade website, Twitter account and YouTube channel.

Butcher Marcus Pipkin of Chadwicks and Mike Richardson, AHDB Beef and Lamb Independent Retail Sector manager, share top tips and explain how mini roasts and the POS kits can be used to boost businesses.

Among some of Richardson’s tips to maximise sales are: stocking QSM mini roasts all year round; updating product offers to meet changing consumer demand; and using mini roast cutting specifications guides to ensure consistency.

The video campaign has been launched in association with the £1 million Mini Roast TV advertising campaign, which highlights the versatility of roasting joints and encourages consumers to cook up a roast in the middle of the week.

Marcus said: “At Chadwicks we try to meet the needs of our customers wherever possible.

“A lot of younger customers come in to grab something for dinner on their way home and that’s why the mini roast concept is perfect as it meets the need for a versatile cut that can be used for mid-week meals.

“We’ve been looking for a way to capitalise on this and maximise sales opportunities so the advice from Mike and the POS kit should help us to drive sales.”

Richardson commented: “Consumer demand for mini roasts is on the rise, with 23 million more midweek and Saturday roasts being consumed this year, so it’s vital that butchers are able to make the most of the increased sales opportunity they provide.”

The POS kits are available to all QSM scheme members and contain window banners, posters, recipe pads, cabinet stickers, cabinet cards, and cutting guides for the new range of mini roast joints. For more information visit www.qsmbeefandlamb.co.uk/pos or call 0845 491 8787.

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