Appointments at BPEX

Appointments at BPEX

A number of appointments have been made by AHDB to fill vacancies in BPEX.

BPEX reports these are in line with the BPEX board strategy which stresses the importance of improving herd health and pork quality.

Jenny Newman is the database manager, replacing a similar position within BPEX while Emma Bailey-Beech is pork safety manager.

There are three other new appointments, all on fixed term contracts. Louise Wall and Patrick McDonnell are both regional health co-ordinators working with the Pig Health Improvement Project. Louise is covering the north of England while Patrick looks after the east.

Samantha Bowsher is a graduate trainee working with the Knowledge Transfer team and as skills manager.

Andrew Knowles, BPEX Head of Communications said: “It’s important to stress that the overall number of staff within BPEX is not increasing.

“The majority of these posts are fixed-term contracts dealing with improving pig health – something which is even more important in these difficult times.”

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