BDCI launches ‘Lean on Us’ campaign

BDCI launches ‘Lean on Us’ campaign

The Butchers’ and Drovers’ Charitable Institution (BDCI) has unveiled its new initiative, called ‘Lean on Us’, which aims to communicate to industry that the organisation is able to provide practical help to members of the industry that need support.

BDCI provides support for anyone in the UK and the Republic of Ireland who has been connected with the meat trade, as well as their widows/widowers or dependents.

The institution states that help is available for those who may be struggling to cope with a variety of needs, including paying bills, repairs to the home, mobility equipment and nursing home fees.

BDCI has recently helped a number of people that needed medical funding. Some examples shared by the institution are included below.

Jane, who is a PA at a butchery company, has a son with a rare, incurable and progressive brain disorder. He has undergone treatment at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and in Switzerland.

Further surgery is now the only option as the artery at the back of his brain has partially collapsed, which could lead to a stroke and loss of eyesight.

Jane wrote to the BDCI: “I have just received your letter explaining the funding you have agreed to help us with. There are no words to describe our gratitude. This donation will mean that our son is even closer to getting the help he needs and we are eternally grateful.”

Another example is Kelvin, who has worked in the meat industry for 46 years, starting as a delivery boy and becoming butchery manager at a major supermarket chain.

Kelvin and Angela Jones.

As well as suffering from rheumatism in his ankles, knees, wrists and spine, he was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and has not been able to work since last November.

Kelvin’s wife is registered disabled and is also now unable to work. They have been managing by using their savings but in addition to their normal living expenses, they must both regularly attend several hospitals, which involves additional car, petrol and parking expenses.

They wrote to the BDCI: “Many, many thanks to you all. We are overwhelmed by your very generous help. The last two years have been a very bad time for us but our daughter found your website and helped us apply for financial help. We were beside ourselves with surprise and happiness when your lovely encouraging letter and more than generous cheque arrived. It’s helped us to get our car fixed and back on the road so we can make our hospital appointments. Keep up the fine work you are doing and hopefully we can support your wonderful organisation ourselves in the future.”

BDCI is urging anybody who knows of anyone that might need support to encourage them to get in contact.

Further details and a copy of the application form can be found on BDCI’s website: Alternatively applicants can contact BDCI directly by telephone on 01727 896094 or via e-mail


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