Beef and lamb cuts and recipe inspiration for caterers

Beef and lamb cuts and recipe inspiration for caterers

Caterers looking for inspirational recipe ideas and specifications for alternative added value beef and lamb cuts can check out EBLEX’s trade website, which now features enhanced resources for the foodservice sector.

The section dedicated to the foodservice sector on now includes all of EBLEX’s recipe books, cutting specification guides and other publications, all of which were produced to help caterers develop their business, add interest to menus and improve the profitability of beef and lamb dishes.

The books and publications are divided into the following categories: Menu Inspiration, New Product Range Publications, Master Chef Master Butcher and Sous Vide.

Menu Inspiration

The Menu Inspiration section contains a raft of ideas designed to inspire foodservice operators. There is something for everyone in this section, with books such as ‘Glorious!’, which contains a special collection of regional recipes created by some of England’s finest chefs and ‘Performance!’, which is aimed at school caterers and is packed full of nutritional information and recipes designed to help improve performance at school.

New Product Ranges

This section contains all the latest material about EBLEX’s new cuts and product ranges. From bone-in beef and lamb cuts, to new ideas for the carvery, this area is updated whenever a new range is launched, to help foodservice operators keep up-to-date with latest beef and lamb cuts and market trends.

Master Chef Master Butcher

The Master Chef Master Butcher section houses a series of books created by EBLEX’s master butcher Dick van Leeuwen and some of the country’s most esteemed master chefs.

For example, the ‘Speciality Steak Cuts’ book was created with renowned master chef Pierre Koffmann and showcases a collection of cuts created using seam-butchery techniques on under-used primals. Michelin starred chef Andreas Antona helped produce the ‘Lamb Range’ book which features an innovative range of lamb forequarter and offal cuts.

Sous Vide

The Sous Vide section contains a collection of materials focusing on the Sous Vide cooking method and features a range of beef and lamb cuts which are suitable for this cooking process. Contributing chefs featured here are Phil Howard, Anthony Demetre, Andreas Antona, Steve Love and Jenny Jones.

Hugh Judd, EBLEX foodservice project manager, said: “EBLEX is proud to present its collection of recipe books and publications for the foodservice sector. Each one has been carefully developed to ensure it brings added value to the foodservice market. By sourcing Quality Standard Mark beef and lamb, foodservice operators can benefit from providing their customers with beef and lamb from an assured supply chain with a guaranteed eating quality.”

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