BGA highlights issues with post-Brexit game exports

BGA highlights issues with post-Brexit game exports

The British Game Alliance and St David’s Game Bird Services have met with Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to discuss problems occurring with post-Brexit exports of game to the European Union.

The BGA says it has heard from many BGA-registered processors that the paperwork now required for the export of game to Europe is being rejected at different stages in the export process, both in the UK and in Europe.

British Game Alliance CEO Liam Stokes said: “The export of British game into Europe is a key part of the game meat market, and there is clearly an issue. We now need everyone who has been experiencing problems to send us all the detail they can so we can work with our Defra partners to get this sorted.”

The organisations have been in contact with Defra throughout the Covid-19 crisis and Brexit preparations, and have convened a meeting to discuss the situation. According to the BGA, Defra has committed to review the paperwork and identify where the problems are occurring.

Photograph: British Game Alliance CEO Liam Stokes.

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