BPEX to advertise on TV in January

BPEX to advertise on TV in January

A three-week television campaign is being run by BPEX explaining what the Red Tractor pork scheme is all about.

Jimmy Doherty is the face of the Red Tractor in BPEX TV campaign.

Jimmy Doherty is the face of the Red Tractor in BPEX TV campaign.

A documentary-style advert for pork will from 22nd January to 16th February, fronted by Jimmy Doherty, on Channel 4, More4, Good Food and 4OD.

BPEX head of marketing Kirsty Walker said: “This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of Red Tractor as a whole as well as specifically for pork.

“The timing of the TV burst is also very important in view of the current differential between domestic and European prices.

“It is important to explain what the Red Tractor stands for and to ask people to think about their choice and look for the logo when they are shopping for pork and pork products.

“We are aware of the risks of the pig market taking a down turn in the January and we are running these adverts at this time to increase the profile of pork and understanding of the Red Tractor mark.”

The campaign has been developed to engage consumers with the Red Tractor mark and begin to build loyalty at a critical time for pig farmers, pork processors and retailers who support Red Tractor pork. As well as the presence on TV, there will also be supporting PR activity.

A series of three online videos will be hosted on the Channel 4 website while 30 second ads for films will run on 4oD, appearing before food and factual programmes with prompts to click through to the full length versions. Online banner advertising will also run throughout the 4oD website.

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