Britain’s ‘finest’ red meat to be showcased at Anuga 2023

Britain’s ‘finest’ red meat to be showcased at Anuga 2023

Anuga 2023, a global trade fair for over 100,000 influential figures in the food industry, will feature some of Britain’s “finest” red meat, according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

AHDB will showcase British red meat at Anuga 2023.

AHDB has announced that 13 red meat exporters will join it’s British produce stand at the Meat Hall at Anuga in Cologne from 7th – 11th October.

The trade fair will encourage international buyers to explore what Britain has to offer, and will promote new trade relationships to help promote the UK’s presence in the global market.

Lucy Randolph, AHDB senior exports manager, added: “Anuga illustrates how the collaborative approach between industry, AHDB and Government can help our exporters seize the opportunities presented on the global stage.

“This collaborative approach will build on the Government’s commitment earlier this year to invest £2 million to boost its programme of global trade shows and missions, £1.6 million for the GREAT food and drink campaign and a new £1 million bespoke export support fund for the dairy sector.

“We welcome the Government’s commitment which will complement AHDB’s £8 million annual investment in exports to facilitate trade and grow our reputation as a producer of quality, safe and wholesome food.”

Promoting British red meat

Following the UK Subsidy Control Act, AHDB are now able to feature ‘British’ and the ‘Union Flag’ in its marketing material on a domestic and international scale. Those attending the fair will have the opportunity to taste sustainably produced British food.

Four farming influencers will join AHDB at the fair to gain “valuable insights” into global trade and to promote British pork, beef and lamb. AHDB says it is “all about collaborative action to deliver export success for levy payers.”

Jonathan Eckley, AHDB head of international trade development, said: “We are excited to showcase the Union Flag at Anuga 2023 and highlight the exceptional quality of British red meat and dairy products. Our participation reflects the commitment to deliver on the objectives to develop international markets for our producers, provide valuable market analysis and insights, and promote the reputation of our products to foreign buyers.

“We aim to lay the groundwork for every British producer to see how important exporting is in underpinning the future of their farmgate returns. Anuga presents a unique opportunity to further strengthen existing partnerships, establish new connections, and bolster the reputation of British red meat and dairy in the global marketplace.”

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