EBLEX unveils ‘Discover Lamb’ and ‘The Carvery’ range of cuts

EBLEX unveils ‘Discover Lamb’ and ‘The Carvery’ range of cuts

‘Discover Lamb’ and ‘The Carvery’ are the latest product development initiatives unveiled by the EBLEX trade marketing team in London at the Churchill War Rooms.

L-R: EBLEX's Martin Eccles and Nigel Haworth with a range of the new cuts.

L-R: EBLEX’s Martin Eccles and Nigel Haworth with a range of the new cuts.

Launched under the umbrella themes – ‘Cook-In’ for the retail sector and ‘Eat Out’ for the foodservice sector – ‘The Carvery’ and ‘Discover Lamb’ are amongst five new ranges introduced this year to bring new, added value Quality Standard Mark products to market. The other three ranges are: Steak Bar, Chop House and Gourmet Burger.

Mike Whittemore, head of trade marketing for EBLEX, said: “Families are increasingly looking for quick and cost effective meal solutions, and traditional roasting joints aren’t providing this. So we’ve been researching the market, assessing retailer current offerings and suggesting ways in which they could improve their ranges.

“We’ve also been busy developing a range of more cost effective cuts that deliver improved quality and consistency for the consumer, while also stimulating sales in the category. Consumers will require cooking advice and information about some of the more unusual cuts, but with the right in store (on-pack and POS) support, we believe the new range will help bring shoppers back into the roasting category.”

To that end, EBLEX has produced ‘Roastomatic’ a handy guide to the full range of beef and lamb roasting cuts in the Carvery range. Containing advice on where the cuts come from, cooking times and how to carve them, as well as serving ideas, hints and tips, the Roastomatic Guide covers: beef Topside, Silverside, Thick Flank, Rump, Sirloin, Fore Rib, and Brisket and lamb Leg, Loin, Shoulder and Breast.

When it comes to lamb, research has shown that consumers have a number of concerns, including product inconsistency, fattiness and plate waste. Many feel that it represents poor value for money and some consumers won’t buy lamb as they simply don’t know how to cook it.

Recognising this, EBLEX introduced a three year ‘Lamb Plan’ designed to get lamb back on the menu, both in and out of the home. Launched in September 2012, the ‘Discover Lamb’ campaign aims to reposition lamb as an affordable meat that families can enjoy throughout the week. Tailored for each sector, the activity focuses on three key areas: building a market for lamb mince (currently very small compared with beef mince); developing a market for forequarter lamb cuts and enhancing the market for prime lamb cuts.

Mike said: “While price is a driver for many consumers, they are also motivated by their perception of a product and their knowledge of what to do with it. Even though lamb is much-loved for its flavour, it is widely regarded by consumers as being fatty and wasteful. At a time when consumers are still feeling the pinch, they want to be reassured that their money isn’t going towards a product that doesn’t fully satisfy them.

“As a direct response, we launched an industry-wide campaign to help stimulate consumer demand for lamb, which will remind people just how good it can be. By offering consumers better value and greater consistency and educating them and providing inspiration, we can stimulate increased demand and revive the fortunes of the sector.”

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