Flexible full line solutions to meet the demands of today’s food processing and manufacturing industries

Flexible full line solutions to meet the demands of today’s food processing and manufacturing industries


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Reiser Ireland offers a ‘one-stop shop’ for processing and packaging equipment solutions for the meat and food industries that delivers on versatility and labour-saving.

Reiser has been a leading supplier of machinery, noted for its innovative new product design and its solutions’ breadth of functions, and it opened its doors to the British and Irish meat industries in 1993. From Seydelmann grinders, cutters and emulsifiers to Vemag formers, stuffers and extruders, Reiser’s full line of machines and attachments can be optimised for meat processing plants and kitchens of all sizes.

Its selection of sausage manufacturing, processing and stuffing equipment is industry-leading: at the heart of the sausage-making process, the Vemag stuffer, offers users the highest levels of portioning accuracy, speed and product quality.

With a range of attachments, which are specifically designed to perform a variety of food processing functions, the versatility of its machinery allows Reiser to create innovative solutions to meet its customers’ specific requirements. The Vemag, for instance, is a single machine that can incorporate many of these attachments. From grinding and forming to filling and portioning, attachments can be easily swapped out in minutes so that users can produce a variety of different products.

The Vemag FlexLine.

Versatility is key

Beyond cutting, slicing and dicing, Reiser’s packaging solutions allow customers to see their products through the manufacturing process, from start to finish. Its range of tray sealers, vacuum chamber packaging, stretch wrappers and fill/form/seal packaging machinery is available from top brands Supervac and Variovac.

With its line of machinery and attachments also suited to processing cheese, seafood, pet food and bakery products, Reiser’s range allows customers to go beyond the limits of traditional processing concerned with the handling of one or a handful of specific product(s).

The flexibility of Reiser’s machinery encourages new product development and allows users to achieve the final, manufactured product from the comfort of their own site.

Saving on labour

The impact of Covid-19 and its lockdowns has totally changed the way that manufacturers operate today. With the implementation of social distancing, reducing the number of operators on the production line is a real concern for food processors. A full automated production line is a cost-saving way to ensure that regulations are followed.

With Reiser’s systems, only one or two operators (dependent on the system’s function) are needed on the production line at any one time. As a processor typically employs considerably more members of staff than this to man their production line, choosing Reiser’s integrated system means producing the same or better yield whilst saving on man-power.

Martin Keane, Sales at Reiser Ireland spoke about the labour-saving gains of Reiser’s range. He said: “The FlexLine range in particular offers customers complete automation in producing meatballs, mince and burgers.

“With the same line, consumers can easily wheel out an attachment and be making different products relatively quickly. It’s all about cutting down on labour and that’s a key driver in the market at the moment – everyone wants automation.”

A customer-first approach

Reiser’s commitment to its customers means that staff are on hand to help at every stage of the buying and installation process. Whether it’s a single machine or a complete production line, Reiser’s engineering team will help customers select the most appropriate equipment, integrate machines, adjust the formula, program the software and fine-tune the installation for optimum performance.

As the company’s expertise is spread over a wide range of sectors within the UK and Irish food industry, customers have access to support and advice from specialists within their market. Reiser’s team and support services include:

•           field service technicians

•           food technologists

•           product support specialists

•           research and development professionals

•           a technical help desk

•           a comprehensive spare parts inventory

•           a product development facility and test kitchen

•           operation and maintenance training.

To ensure that customers are fully satisfied with their solution(s) and operations, Reiser also provides additional training to staff on site as part of its standard service package. Director of Customer Service James Bristow said: “What we’re trying to build on going forward is the whole customer experience. We’re being proactive, rather than reactive; not only out in the field, but also internally in how calls are dealt with, and the technical help desk we provide.

“We’re looking at providing more organised service contracts and training packages. We’ll always be with the customer until they are happy, and we won’t limit time on site.”

A full list of Reiser’s machinery and services can be found here.

Reiser Ireland can be contacted via the channels listed below:


+44 (0)1908 585300

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