Flexible in approach: versatile machinery for the British and Northern Irish meat processing industries   

Flexible in approach: versatile machinery for the British and Northern Irish meat processing industries   


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Reiser UK’s full line solutions for food processing and packaging offer customers absolute flexibility, from installation to maintenance.

From Seydelmann grinders, cutters and emulsifiers to Vemag formers, stuffers and extruders, Reiser’s full line of machines and attachments can be optimised for meat processing plants and butchers of all sizes.

Niall Nash, sales at Reiser UK (Northern Ireland), told Meat Management that the company’s commitment to innovative engineering is shown in the wide range of functions that its machinery can perform. By listening carefully to customer feedback and keeping a sharp focus on the growing trends within each subsector of the British food industry, Reiser offers equipment that can be programmed and reprogrammed to fit any processing requirement. 

Niall explained: “Any new aspects or concepts that come to the fore of industry discussion, we embrace them, and we develop them into practical solutions for our customers; and that’s what puts us at the forefront of machinery innovation.”

Catering to all sizes

In the current climate of increased labour and production costs, the need for machinery to add value by performing more tasks, producing higher yields and reducing waste has never been more in demand. Field sales manager Ed Hewitt explained that the need to increase value with the same footprint is a prevalent concern amongst businesses of all sizes: “Whether you are dealing with small or large volumes, it’s the same issue. [Businesses] need their machinery to be a lot more flexible.”

Reiser’s range of Vemag equipment, Niall explained, is amongst “the most flexible in the industry.” The HP line, in particular, can process a variety of product including meat, plant based, pet food, bakery and cheese.

HP1 Vacuum Filler.

One of the line’s new innovations, the HP1 Vacuum Filler has been designed specifically for small trade processors and contains Vemag’s unique double screw technology. The HP1 and its selection of corresponding attachments provide a first step into automation, in a cost-effective way, instantly allowing a much higher output of better-quality products, for a wide product range. Attachments can be quickly swapped over, meaning the HP1 is ideal for anyone producing small quantities of a number of product ranges. For sausages in particular, its precise portioning and linking, durable feeding system and ability to work with all common semi-automatic clipping machines, makes it a necessity for compact operations, such as craft and retail butchers.

Tailored ownership options

At Reiser, the team provide testing and procurement options that, according to Ed, “offer customers something non-standard.” Flexible ownership options and the ability to trial machinery before purchase are part of the standard package. The company’s test kitchen in Milton Keynes, England, is also available to clients across Britain and Northern Ireland.

Niall said: “We see our relationship with customers as a partnership. We want to help them develop their ideas and adapt their existing lines for future expansion and product ranges.”

For customers located outside of mainland Britain, Reiser ensures that a site’s location and the costs of transporting machinery are not barriers in obtaining the best equipment for their operation.

Ed explained: “The cost of transport and logistics and the complexities of transporting materials to and from mainland UK and Northern Ireland, and vice versa, is only adding cost. It is impacting people’s decision making when it comes to implementing long-term plans, such as investing in machinery.

“Our priority is to invest in getting machinery in factories for customers, to help develop their products and figure what works practically for them.”

On demand service

When it comes to service and machinery maintenance packages, help is at hand with Reiser’s telephone and onsite engineering support, application specialists and huge inventory of spare parts.

Reiser’s team of industry experts are located across the length and breadth of the UK, ensuring that customers from every region are afforded the same, high-quality care.

A full list of Reiser’s machinery and services can be found here.

Reiser UK can be contacted via the channels listed below:
+44 (0)1908 585300

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