Former editor of Meat Management magazine receives award for service to UK meat industry

Former editor of Meat Management magazine receives award for service to UK meat industry

Pamela Brook, past editor and present editorial consultant at Meat Management magazine, has been recognised by the Worshipful Company of Butchers (WCB) for service to the meat industry Livery.

The award was presented to Pam by The Master Andrew Parker at Butchers’ Hall, London. | Photo: Phil McCarthy

Pam was editor of Meat Management magazine for 23 years between 1992 and 2015. She is currently an editorial consultant across Yandell Publishing’s meat and food portfolio, and continues to play an active role in promoting and advocating for the UK and Irish meat industry.

The WCB’s Gold Award was presented to Pam by The Master Andrew Parker on 1st September at a Court Lunch at Butchers’ Hall, London. The Gold Award, which is presented to a small number of Liverymen each year, recognises and thanks recognised Liverymen for their exceptional service.

Commenting on this year’s award recipient, WCB said: “Pam Brook is an extraordinary individual who, over the years, has been a wonderful supporter and fully engaged Liveryman with the Worshipful Company.”

Exceptional service to the UK meat industry

Brook was Clothed as a Liveryman in The Worshipful Company of Butchers in November 1996 and since then had been an excellent supporter of the Livery. WCB said that Pam’s influence in all aspects of the Livery has been impressive and always quietly stated: “She is a delightful and understated individual who has a core of steel and is very determined when required.”

Over a number of years she has been intimately involved in the organisation and execution of the Master’s annual charity and fundraising event. Predominantly this involvement had been with the design and production of the high quality brochure which supports the event.

WCB said: “Her attention to detail is quite superb as is her design knowledge and understanding of the printing process – it also helps that she knows those who produce the brochure at Meat Management which of course has eased the process. She is also involved in the event planning and her patience in adversity is outstanding which, when combined with her ability to work as part of a team, is invaluable.”

Pam has been heavily involved in initiatives that promote the important work of the UK meat industry, such as the Women In Meat Industry Awards.

In 2022, the then Master, Margaret Boanas, selected Farms for City Children as her chosen charity. The charity, established by Sir Michael and Lady Clare Morpurgo in 1976, gives children the opportunity to take part in a week of farming on a countryside residential trip. In the last 50 years, it has seen over 100,000 young children learning how their food is produced and spending time in an environment unfamiliar to them.

Pam was so taken with the Charity and what is does for inner city children that she decided to become the Livery supporter for them and resolved to attempt to have the Charity selected as one of the two Worshipful Company of Butchers supported charities. Unsurprisingly, they were successful at the final panel interviews. 

WCB explained: “Once Pam sets her mind on a goal she almost invariably succeeds as she is passionate in what she believes in.  Since then she has represented the Charity at the Charity and Education Committee and has ensured that the two organisations work very closely together. She is also intimately involved with the committee work and has objective and pertinent views on all aspects of Worshipful Company of Butchers support to Charity and Education and is a leading player in this committee.”

Her experience in marketing and knowledge of social media also led her to take on a role within the virtual Corporate Communications committee for the Company. She works closely with the Deputy Clerk in order that the Company reaches out across the social media landscape in order to influence, inform and educate both Liverymen and those connected with the Industry.

WCB said that it was for these reasons that Pam Brook was unanimously selected to receive the prestigious WCB Gold Award for 2023.

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