Genetics business had record 2012

Genetics business had record 2012

In 2012, the sales of DanAvl-genetics climbed to new heights when a record-high was reached with a value of EUR 200 million.

In all, the sales of semen, breeding pigs and the turnover of gilt material from multiplier herds with DanAvl-genetics indicate potential growth. Whilst sales on the Danish market were unchanged in 2012 overall sales of DanAvl-genetics increased by 8% due to a growing international market share.

Throughout the world production with DanAvl-genetics amounts to 65 million pigs. 35 million of them are produced outside Denmark. Germany is the largest export market for DanAvl-genetics. Russia follows suit and was the fastest growing market in 2012 receiving up to 20% of all DanAvl breeding pigs intended for export.

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