Jimmy Doherty back on pork campaign trail

Jimmy Doherty back on pork campaign trail

BPEX is reminding consumers about the responsible production standards and the provenance guarantees behind Red Tractor pork through an innovative and engaging marketing campaign, running throughout June.


TV personality and Red Tractor pig farmer Jimmy Doherty is again fronting the Give A Fork About Your Pork campaign, which aired earlier this week and is spearheaded by multichannel advertising across the Channel 4 portfolio.

The campaign, which first rolled out in January, features new creative and has been developed to appeal to ‘food savvy mums’. These consumers are keen to cook and they want to know where their food comes from, yet they are also short on time.

The 30-second ad will appear on channels such as More4 and Good Food and during the commercial breaks of well-known food programmes with large viewing audiences, such as Come Dine With Me.

The TV ad will be supported by video-on-demand, which will extend the reach of the campaign to those consumers who do their TV viewing online. Other activity includes web banner advertising across Channel 4’s online portfolio and an intensive social media campaign.

Karen Hughes, interim head of marketing for BPEX, said: “We’ve put the spotlight back on Red Tractor pork this year and it is really making a difference. People are getting the message and understanding what Red Tractor is all about.

“The Red Tractor logo is the most powerful indicator of rigorous and responsible production standards in British pig farming. By describing the remit of the scheme we can bring greater understanding and appreciation of its value and objectivity. Our campaign puts in place some of the ‘back story’ of the Red Tractor proposition to underscore its independence and authenticity.

“As a Red Tractor pig farmer himself, Jimmy Doherty is the perfect candidate to share the scheme’s message with the UK public.”

“This next phase of the Red Tractor Give a Fork About Your Pork campaign is bigger and more wide-reaching than the first and is sure to raise awareness of Red Tractor pork among consumers throughout June. Retailers can maximise impulse sales and category growth potential by ensuring the Red Tractor is more visible in shops and stores and that they have sufficient supplies of quality assured pork.”

The first phase of the campaign, which ran at the start of the year, was fronted by Jimmy Doherty who starred in a series of short films which were promoted on Channel 4’s catch-up online service, Channel 4 On Demand.

The campaign reached millions of people and successfully achieved its aim of encouraging people to think about Red Tractor pork. Post campaign research revealed:
• 70% of those asked said the campaign made them think they should look for the Red Tractor when buying pork
• 84% said that they think of Red Tractor as a label that shows the pork has been produced to responsible standards
• 52% said they are more aware of the importance of responsible production
Source: You Gov Survey– March 2013

The new commercial can be viewed at the LovePorkUK YouTube page www.youtube.com/user/LovePorkUK

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