Kendall confirms AHDB will continue promotion

Kendall confirms AHDB will continue promotion

At the recent AHDB Beef and Lamb conference, chairman, Peter Kendall, stressed the commitment of the sector boards to continue with promotional work where they believe it is an important part of their long term strategy.

AHDB Chairman Peter Kendall said: “This is an important step forward for AHDB as we move towards our aim of looking, feeling and behaving as one organisation."

Kendall challenged as to whether sector boards plan to continue with promotional work over the long term.

Kendall was speaking to levy payers at the annual AHDB Beef and Lamb Producer conference in Warwickshire, following industry debate on levy-funded promotional campaigns triggered by the delayed Defra sign-off on a £1.6 million autumn promotional campaign for beef and lamb cuts which launched this week.

In response to concerns aired from the floor at the conference, Kendall said: “AHDB’s purpose is to give farmers and growers the right tools and information to grow, become more competitive and sustainable. In some sectors, consumer promotion will be an appropriate use of levy funds to deliver specific market development objectives.

“With the challenges of a fixed levy income, AHDB’s investment in promotion must, in my opinion, continue to take a long term strategic view. Our sector boards, comprised of levy payers, set the priorities for levy-funded work including any consumer promotion, and this will continue to be the way AHDB business plans will be developed in the future.

“The AHDB board’s role is to ensure all marketing campaigns are part of a long term strategy and are subject to robust evaluation. This will help ensure value for money for levy-payers is at the heart of all our initiatives.

“AHDB will also work with Defra to link in sector marketing campaigns with government initiatives such as the Food is GREAT campaign, where this is relevant and beneficial to our levy payers.”

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