Kepak announces plans for £5.5m investment at Merthyr site

Kepak announces plans for £5.5m investment at Merthyr site

Kepak has announced plans for a £5.5m investment at its Merthyr site in Wales to help the company meet rising demand.

Kepak Merthyr General Manager Chris Jones
Kepak Merthyr General Manager Chris Jones.

The company say that the new significant investment is being made to enhance the Merthyr site’s CPM (Central Prepared Meats) packaging facility.

Investment will also be made in bringing in new technologies to support increased demand, including what it describes as ‘innovative technologies’ to enhance the company’s ‘strong sustainability credentials.’

This development follows the Merthyr plant securing access to the US market and will additionally lead to an increase of the site’s livestock requirements, significantly increasing demand from local farmer suppliers.

The investment will also result in over 100 new jobs at Kepak Merthyr, which currently employs more than 850 people, with a broad spectrum of roles being created across manufacturing, operations, IT, engineering, and technical.

Kepak CEO Simon Walker said: “We are very pleased to be investing in our Merthyr plant, which is a strategically important site for Kepak. As a growing food business, Kepak is committed to continually investing in its sites to ensure we are optimising the work we do through innovative methods.

“The enhancements that will be made to our Merthyr plant will not only help us to achieve greater capacity, but to grow the number of colleagues we employ at the site and support local farmers with a significant uplift in demand for livestock.”

Kepak Merthyr general manager, Chris Jones added: “We are delighted to be announcing this significant investment at the Kepak Merthyr site, including the creation of 100 vital jobs supporting the local economy.

“This investment will bring about enhancements to our facilities, ultimately doubling the site’s CPM packaging facility, significantly increasing our demand for livestock, which is excellent news for local famers.”

The announcement follows the planting of 1,000 indigenous trees at Kepak Merthyr which also plans to install a second wind turbine at the site, in support of the company’s sustainability goals.

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