Last chance for red meat companies to save big on energy bills

Last chance for red meat companies to save big on energy bills

According to the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) any firm involved in the slaughter, cutting, processing or refrigerated storage of red meat has a small window of opportunity between now and 28th August to save up to 92% (that’s not a typo) on their energy bills by applying for membership of the British Meat Processors’ Climate Change Levy Scheme.

You do not have to be a BMPA member to benefit and you can participate on a site-by-site basis.

Firms that are accepted for membership will be able to make savings for the next 5 years of up to 92% on electricity, 81% on Natural Gas and 77% on LPG.

However, the scheme will be closed to new members after 28th August this year, and this is now the last time new members will be able to join before it ends completely in 2025.

This opportunity is open to both companies that are new to the scheme and to companies already part of it who have added new facilities since joining.

How it works

You make energy savings at your plant and, so long as you hit the agreed targets, you’ll receive a huge discount on your energy bills. Not only will you use less energy, sais the BMPA, but what you do use will be a lot cheaper.

BMPA says it can advise you on whether you’d be eligible for the scheme and then help you get set up and guide you through what needs to be done via its helpline. Anyone interested should contact for information and an application pack. You can also ring BMPA on 020 7329 0776.



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