Marel’s Meat ShowHow 2015 open to UK processors and manufacturers

Marel’s Meat ShowHow 2015 open to UK processors and manufacturers

According to equipment supplier, Marel stepping through the doors of its Meat ShowHow on 4th March 2015 will be like stepping into a full production plant.

At its annual Meat ShowHow Marel shows how its equipment and software can enable greater efficiency, traceability, and sustainability in red meat processing.


Processors at last year’s Meat ShowHow.



Visitors to the event can fully explore lines from deboning and trimming of primals, all the way through to product dispatch, in a hands-on experience that isn’t possible during an exhibition or factory visit.

The lines to be demonstrated include a full sausage line, schnitzel line, marinated beef steak line, and minced meat line. It will also run applications for by-products, pig head deboning, and meat harvesting, as well as demonstrating how its Innova Software Solutions can improve processing results.

During the day, internationally renowned keynote speakers will provide insights into the latest global trends and developments in red meat processing, and during a dinner in the evening guests can continue the discussion with colleagues and customers in a more informal and relaxed setting in Copenhagen.

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