Meat processing plants scrutinised by challenge group

Meat processing plants scrutinised by challenge group

The ‘challenge group’ appointed to provide scrutiny to the work of the review into meat cutting plants and cold stores has convened for the first time to oversee the progress made so far.

The challenge group scrutinising operations in meat processing plants has met for the first time.

The group members, who each bring a range of experience across a number of public-sector roles, were welcomed into their roles by Jason Feeney and Geoff Ogle, the chief executives of the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland respectively.

Both chief executives outlined to the group the objectives of the review which look at sites where meat is processed and stored in the UK in more detail.

Teams from both organisations have been working together since the group formed in March to gather available evidence on this sector of the food industry and have been scoping out where further gathering of evidence is needed.

It is planned that the challenge group will provide scrutiny to the process by having the ability and authority to challenge the activities being carried out against the objectives that have been set whilst also being able to bring to bear their outside perspective and wealth of experience.

The group is chaired by Alexis Cleveland CB who was previously the chair of the Board for the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA).

Isobel Garner, who is currently the chair of the Wales Audit Office, Nigel Gibbens CBE who is the UK Chief Veterinary Officer and Uel Morton, the co-chair of the Scottish Food Commission, are also members of the group.

It is understood that the review will provide regular updates to FSS and FSA board meetings held in May, June and August before final recommendations and a delivery plan are presented in September 2018.

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