New guide to help processors and retailers gain maximum value from the lamb carcase

New guide to help processors and retailers gain maximum value from the lamb carcase

Following on from the success of its Beef Yield Guide, EBLEX has developed a new ‘Lamb Yield Guide’, which takes a detailed look at the processing of the lamb carcase from farm to plate.

Lamb Yield Guide Brochure

The guide has been developed to help businesses in the supply, processing and independent butchery sectors gain maximum yield and value from the lamb carcase.

The Lamb Yield Guide provides yield information for each processing stage; from the live animal to carcase, carcase to primals, and from primals to cuts. It also contains a detailed carcase utilisation chart which breaks down yield information for fifth quarter products.

Additionally, the guide features a useful lamb carcase classification chart which highlights the specific conformation and fat class requirements required for lamb to comply with EBLEX’s Quality Standard Mark (QSM) Scheme.

As well as yield information for primal cuts, the Lamb Yield Guide contains images, descriptions, and weight and percentage information for a range of forequarter, middle and leg cuts, along with each cut’s unique EBLEX specification code. Users can cross reference each code with EBLEX’s Cutting Specification Manual, for step-by-step cutting instructions.

The guide was produced by business development manager for EBLEX, Dick van Leeuwen. He said: “We developed the Lamb Yield Guide to help suppliers, processors and butchers add value to the lamb carcase. The guide does this by highlighting cuts which will maximise usage of the carcase and reduce wastage.

“The Lamb Yield Guide is the latest addition to our series of knowledge transfer materials, all of which were developed to add value to the industry and provide useful training tools for businesses and new people coming into the industry.”

To order printed copies of the Lamb Yield Guide call the QSM Hotline on 0845 491 8787. Alternatively, both the Lamb Yield Guide and Cutting Specification Manual can be viewed online by visiting

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