New Master for Worshipful Company of Butchers elected at Common Hall

New Master for Worshipful Company of Butchers elected at Common Hall

The 2020 Common Hall of the Worshipful Company of Butchers, which elected Andrew Parker as Master, together with a new Court, was the first in its 1,000 year history to be watched remotely, via Zoom link.

Newly elected Master Andrew Parker (left) raises a glass with outgoing Master, Tim Dumenil.

Those being elected were physically present at Butchers’ Hall in London with liverymen given the option of being in ‘attendance’ virtually via their own computer screens.

Andrew Parker, managing director of W & J Parker Ltd., takes over the chain of office from outgoing Master, Tim Dumenil. Tim lead the Company in its first year back at its home, the refurbished Butchers’ Hall, in the regenerated Barts Square development, close to Smithfield Market.

Having been made Master in a set of unique circumstances, due to Covid-19 restrictions, Andrew Parker told Meat Management: “It’s an honour and a privilege to be made Master of this proud and ancient company, in what is unusual circumstances, with no real Common Hall and no church service but I feel we have made the best of a bad situation. It’s been a lovely day so far, but we’ve got further challenges ahead, following the Government announcement earlier this week but I feel, as Master, that we can get through this and we can make the Livery better and the Hall more secure going forward.”

Parker’s late father, Bill Parker was a past Master in 2003.

The outgoing Master, Tim Dumenil, despite having his year somewhat blighted by the fallout of the pandemic, still made a number of noteable achievements. He told Common Hall: “We hit our target on recruiting new Members; starting our Young Butchers initiative; we now have all our HR functions in place; we have a fully functioning Office with a newly appointed Deputy Clerk, and a Finance Manager. 

“We have looked after our Students and Apprentices; we have fed as best we can our Charities; we had some great speakers in the Hall and a couple of entertainers when we were not. The Hall has been modernised while maintaining its heritage as a traditional home for an ancient livery which prides itself in supporting charities and other good causes. We hope to maintain and build on our good working relationship in the months and years to come.”  

He assured fellow liverymen: “I am very grateful for the work put in by the Executive Committee and I am very proud to have worked with them in this stressful time. Some decisions have not been easy, but we have been of one voice to do everything possible to secure this Livery.”

Dumenil concluded that despite Covid-19’s best efforts he would continue to place strong emphasis on the value of personal contact: “I have found in all my nearly 50 years in the City that fellowship, social society, interaction and long term relations are important – there will always be the need to meet, discuss in person and action ideas together, and our Hall is the perfect venue.”

Rob Yandell, a director of Meat Management’s publisher, Yandell Media and Meat Management contributor Bob Bansback were once again elected to the Court alongside:

Wardens: Christopher Wood, John Alton Jones, Gwyn Howells, Peter Allen and Stephen Chick.

Assistants: Graham William Baker, Tim Dumenil, Margaret Boanas, Tim Stone, David  Baker, Tony Stanton, Rachel Griffiths, Alan Paul Thompson, Jean Sawdon , David Richards, Paul Dolan, James Connell and Julien Pursglove.

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