New promotional kits available to help drive sales

New promotional kits available to help drive sales

EBLEX is rolling out a number of new promotional kits to help independent retailers who are members of the Quality Standard Mark Scheme to drive sales of quality assured beef and lamb.

A ‘Discover the Versatility of Lamb Mince’ is available along with 50 ‘Steak-O-Meters’ – a new component for the (previously issued) Steak Bar kit

A special Quality Standard Mark Scheme promotional kit will be issued to support the new enhanced scheme specifications which come into effect from 6th August

The third seasonal kit to cover the autumn trading period will be despatched week commencing 3rd September

Discover the Versatility of Lamb kits

A series of themed promotional kits are being launched to support a new three-year industry-wide campaign to stimulate sales of quality assured lamb. The first of these focuses on Quality Standard Mark lamb mince. The second, to be issued in September, will feature lamb shoulder cuts. The third kit, promoting a range of premium lamb cuts, will be distributed in November in time for the run up to the festive season.

There is already a strong consumer appetite for mince and the materials in the first Discover the Versatility of Lamb promotional kit will remind consumers that Quality Standard lamb mince is ideally suited for a mid-week meal. Not only is it quick and easy to prepare, it is also versatile enough to be used in a number of popular dishes, such as shepherd’s pie, moussaka, quesadillas, meatballs, koftas, burgers and many more.

The kit features two eye-catching posters for butchers to display in their shops, plus they will also receive 50 recipe leaflets to give to their customers with four tasty recipe ideas. The recipe leaflet also contains a competition, offering customers the chance to win one of 200 baking dishes.

Steak-O-Meter added to Steak Bar Kit

EBLEX is adding a new component to its Steak Bar promotional kit, which is designed to help customers choose the right steak to suit their flavour and tenderness preferences.

A three star ‘Steak-O-Meter’ rating guide has been applied to the flavour and tenderness attributes of all eight steaks in the Steak Bar range, to help consumers decide which steak to choose.

For instance, some customers may like a steak that is ‘Very Tender’ with a ‘Mild Beef Flavour’, while others may prefer a steak that has ‘Rich Beef Flavour’ and is ‘Moderately Tender.’ A Fillet Steak will score very highly for its tenderness, while a Club Steak will score very highly for its flavour.

The Steak Bar Range point-of-sale kit, which was issued in May, featured eight popular steak cuts including traditional favourites Fillet, Rump and Sirloin, as well as some alternative added-value steaks, Flat Iron and Centre Cut.

Quality Standard Mark Promotional Kit

A special kit will be distributed to coincide with the introduction of the new enhanced standards and specifications for the EBLEX Quality Standard Mark scheme, which came into effect from 6th August.

Each kit includes three posters, a leaflet dispenser and 50 consumer leaflets featuring beef and lamb recipes as well as advice on cooking times. All material will communicate the key benefit of the Quality Standard Mark Scheme: that eating quality is guaranteed.

The strengthened Quality Standard Mark Scheme for beef and lamb provides one of the highest levels of independently inspected quality assurances for meat in the UK. EBLEX has signed up 160 new members since the announcement that the scheme was going to be strengthened three months ago.

The Quality Standard Mark Scheme promotional kits will shortly be dispatched to all members of the scheme who responded to a direct mail-shot.

Autumn promotional Kit

The third seasonal promotional kit will be despatched week commencing 3rd September. To be used throughout the autumn trading period, the kit materials will include a range of braising and casseroling recipes, to warm customers on chilly autumnal evenings.

Mike Whittemore, EBLEX trade team marketing manager, said: “All of our promotional kits have been designed to highlight the key messages behind our campaigns and provide retailers with the tools to bring them to life in their shops.

“We know from research that independent retailers really appreciate point-of-sale material, as it helps them create a sense of theatre in their shops, plus it helps boost impulse sales of beef and lamb. The added benefit is that the kits are available free of charge to members of the Quality Standard Mark Scheme.”

To join the Quality Standard Mark scheme or for further information visit or call the scheme hotline: 0845 491 8787.

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