NFU launches poultry production intentions survey

NFU launches poultry production intentions survey

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is asking poultry producers across the UK to submit feedback for a production intentions survey, to gauge the impact of increased costs pressures on the sector.

Poultry producers have been impacted by various factors over the last few years that may have a knock-on effect for production levels, says the NFU.

The NFU said that members faced “significant challenges” to the way they run their businesses over the last few years. Increased costs of production and the risks of avian influenza have had an impact on businesses nationwide, the trade body said.

A production survey has been launched by the trade body to inform the group’s lobbying work, and to help shape policy to support “support an innovative, progressive and profitable poultry sector.”

In a statement, the NFU said: “This is also a chance for producers to tell us about any plans to adapt their production for the future so they can continue to produce high quality poultry products.”

Strengthening the industry’s voice

NFU poultry board chair James Mottershead said: “As the NFU asks members to take part in this crucial survey, it is vital that we, as poultry farmers, seize this opportunity to make our voices heard. Your input to this survey will help shape future policy to support an innovative, progressive and profitable poultry sector.

“Over recent years, significant events have impacted the way we run our businesses. I’m aware that as a result of this, some producers have reduced production or exited the industry altogether, while others have plans to expand in the future.

“This important poultry intentions survey will capture crucial data which will be used to inform our lobbying work. The results will be instrumental in driving meaningful discussions with key stakeholders, from the Government to representatives right across the supply chain.

“Whether you are a poultry meat or egg producer, it’s vital you complete the survey to help strengthen our voice and work towards a resilient future for the sector so that we can continue to produce the high-quality poultry products that we provide to the nation.”

The NFU’s survey can be found here.

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