Nominees for NFU officeholders

Nominees for NFU officeholders

The nominees have been confirmed for the NFU officeholder elections 2014 to 2016.

The nominees for president are:
·        Adam Quinney
·        Meurig Raymond

Deputy president:
·         Minette Batters
·         Thomas Binns
·         David Brookes
·         Rosey Dunn
·         Adam Quinney

Vice President:
·        Minette Batters
·        Thomas Binns
·        Jonathan Brant
·        David Brookes
·        Rosey Dunn
·        Robert Lasseter
·        Guy Smith

The nominees will now travel around the country to every NFU region to take part in hustings.

The elections will take place at the NFU AGM, ICC Birmingham on February 26th 2014. Results will be posted on NFU Online as soon as they come out.

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