Ordering meat? There’s an app for that

Ordering meat? There’s an app for that

EBLEX has launched a new ‘app’ which will enable caterers and retailers to order any of the 450 beef, veal, lamb or mutton cuts featured in its Meat Purchasing Guide direct from their supplier, from either a tablet or smartphone.

The new Meat Purchasing Guide App icon.

The new Meat Purchasing Guide App icon.

The Meat Purchasing Guide app, which is free to download, is a great mobile tool which will simplify the meat ordering process and save valuable time for many businesses. Chefs and retailers will also benefit from more consistent products because, once an order has been placed, their suppliers will receive direct links to online cutting specifications, with step-by-step instructions showing how to prepare the cuts.

Developed for Android and iOS operating systems, the app contains a thumbnail image and description of each of the cuts featured in EBLEX’s Meat Purchasing Guide, along with cooking advice and a host of other useful features. Users can personalise their app by adding notes to a particular cut and other products, such as poultry, fish and pork, can be added to a ‘favourites list’ and included as part of the final order.

The launch of the app coincides with the release of the fifth and latest edition of the Meat Purchasing Guide, which now includes over 450 cuts of beef, veal, lamb and mutton.

Business development manager for EBLEX, Dick van Leeuwen, said: “We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Meat Purchasing Guide app which has been specifically developed to make the meat ordering process quick and easy for chefs and retailers, while also providing them with new product ideas. Because it is based on the latest version of our Meat Purchasing Guide, it contains over 450 beef, veal, lamb and mutton cuts – a fantastic range to choose from!”

The app will be officially launched at IFE 2013.

The app will be available to download from Google Play and the App Store from 17th March 2013.

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