Positive figures for UK sheep meat exports published

Positive figures for UK sheep meat exports published

The new 2014 edition of the AHDB/EBLEX Cattle and Sheep Yearbook has revealed positive figures for both volume and value of UK sheep meat exports.

It reports that volumes in 2013 increased 9% on the year to 103,200 tonnes, while the value of sheep meat exports for the same period increased by 8% on 2012 to £381.6 million.

There was also significant growth in exports to non-EU markets, with shipments totalling 17,600 tonnes, compared to 12,300 tonnes in 2012.

In addition the Yearbook revealed that, despite a poor start to the lamb market in 2013, it largely recovered, resulting in the final GB average deadweight price for the year at 414.1 p/kg – up from 401.3p/kg in 2012.

Sheep in a field - photo credit EBLEX

Last year was characterised as a year of two halves in the beef trade. Despite the market easing in the second half of the year, the final GB average deadweight steer R4L price was up 45p/kg on 2012 at 395.4p/kg, an increase of 13 per cent.

The AHDB/EBLEX Yearbook 2014 pulls together a broad spectrum of statistics, providing farmers, auction markets, processors, retailers and other stakeholders a full picture of UK beef and sheep meat production. It includes information on production and exports, as well as data on livestock numbers, consumption, slaughterings, auction markets, abattoirs, livestock and meat prices and carcase classification.

The book is available free of charge on request, subject to availability. To request a copy, e-mail redmeatMI@ahdb.org.uk or telephone 024-7647 8711. It is also available on the EBLEX website in two pdf files, one for sheep and one for cattle. They can be found in the Market Intelligence Publications section of the EBLEX website at www.eblex.org.uk.

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